A Wife At Stake

A Wife At Stake

Dark side of the boon...

This is the story of Laura. A beautiful 26 yo italian young woman in couple with Mario. She knows what she wants and acts consequently.
Her next step in life is to buy a house in is hometown and have her own store. But money doesn't just fall from the sky. Even less so in this rather poor part of the country.
It's her partner who's going to push her into an adventure that will take her into a world she doesn't know. A world unlike her own, where money seems easier, especially when you're young and beautiful. But it's also full of dangers.


In order to buy the building of their dreams, an italian couple of travelling fruit and vegetable sellers decide to enter the wife in "La moglie migliore!", a television competition which offers, in addition to the money, a small role in a new television series.
The character in this series is that of the wife of a celebrity who is making a comeback and who will obviously be present throughout the show.
Will the rivalries between the candidates and the objective of the purchase lead the wife to want to do everything to win? 
Especially as the celebrity is rather good-looking, and could tip the scales!



First release date: February 3, 2024
Latest release date: February 3, 2024
Language(s): English
Dev tools: Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS: Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 0.010






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