An eye for an eye

An eye for an eye


Can Tim Hanson get the lady-killer who stole his girlfriend to seduce his mother and make his hated father the cuckold he deserves to be?

Tim Hanson is a 20-year-old journalism student in his second year at university. The previous year was a turbulent one, as he suffered a painful break-up: his girlfriend, Kathrin, was stolen from him by Ashton, a handsome guy who life has spoiled in every way. This episode led to a depression/revolt against life that cost him his year. This failure was rather badly perceived by his arsehole of a father, who not only showed no understanding, indulgence or empathy, but mocked his misfortune.

He also blames his mother for her neutrality in the conflict between him and his father. She has never dared to contradict or oppose him, and this idiotic trophy wife attitude has depleted whatever respect and affection Tim still had for her.

During the school holidays, Tim got back on track. He decided to forget about Kathrin, who in the meantime had been dumped by Ashton, and concentrate on three goals: to pass his school year with flying colours, to earn a bit of money by working as a student in the spare time left to him by passing his classes, and above all, to let his father know what he himself had been through the previous year.

And so much the worse if this shitty family fell apart!

Please feel free to comment on this draft script. You and I will both benefit from this exchange. You because you'll have contributed to a script that meets your expectations, and me because I'll have found many sources of inspiration.


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