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A Wife At Stake

Dark side of the boon...

This is the story of Laura. A beautiful 26 yo italian young woman in couple with Mario. She knows what she wants and acts consequently.
Her next step in life is to buy a house in is hometown and have her own store. But money doesn't just fall from the sky. Even less so in this rather poor part of the country.
It's her partner who's going to push her into an adventure that will take her into a world she doesn't know. A world unlike her own, where money seems easier, especially when you're young and beautiful. But it's also full of dangers.


In order to buy the building of their dreams, an italian couple of travelling fruit and vegetable sellers decide to enter the wife in "La moglie migliore!", a television competition which offers, in addition to the money, a small role in a new television series.
The character in this series is that of the wife of a celebrity who is making a comeback and who will obviously be present throughout the show.
Will the rivalries between the candidates and the objective of the purchase lead the wife to want to do everything to win? 
Especially as the celebrity is rather good-looking, and could tip the scales!



First release date: February 3, 2024
Latest release date: February 3, 2024
Language(s): English
Dev tools: Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS: Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 0.010






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An eye for an eye


Can Tim Hanson get the lady-killer who stole his girlfriend to seduce his mother and make his hated father the cuckold he deserves to be?

Tim Hanson is a 20-year-old journalism student in his second year at university. The previous year was a turbulent one, as he suffered a painful break-up: his girlfriend, Kathrin, was stolen from him by Ashton, a handsome guy who life has spoiled in every way. This episode led to a depression/revolt against life that cost him his year. This failure was rather badly perceived by his arsehole of a father, who not only showed no understanding, indulgence or empathy, but mocked his misfortune.

He also blames his mother for her neutrality in the conflict between him and his father. She has never dared to contradict or oppose him, and this idiotic trophy wife attitude has depleted whatever respect and affection Tim still had for her.

During the school holidays, Tim got back on track. He decided to forget about Kathrin, who in the meantime had been dumped by Ashton, and concentrate on three goals: to pass his school year with flying colours, to earn a bit of money by working as a student in the spare time left to him by passing his classes, and above all, to let his father know what he himself had been through the previous year.

And so much the worse if this shitty family fell apart!

Please feel free to comment on this draft script. You and I will both benefit from this exchange. You because you'll have contributed to a script that meets your expectations, and me because I'll have found many sources of inspiration.


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About the games

A brief history

The very first game to be developed was called Foul Play. It was a rather ambitious first attempt, with many errors and inconsistencies. The kind of thing that irritates me!

So I left it aside to make something much less ambitious: It Could Be Worse. It's a very short story, with few characters and a fairly basic plot. Before I'd even finished it, I posted it on for feedback,, but a day or two later, I found it on F95ZONE with quite a few readers and some rather flattering comments. As the development still contained some errors and I was new to the business, I felt compelled to correct them in a hurry and try to publish them on F95. But these guys are quicker to feed their site with new features than to take into consideration the requests of the authors and developers on whose backs they've built their success. Anyway, no more polemics. Personally, I won't be publishing anything there.

Immediately afterwards, I started writing and developing Think Twice.
I wanted (and still want) to turn this story into an in camera story set on a yacht, where three characters go head to head to get their hands on a large hoard of money laundered by offshore companies. The story must be preceded by three episodes in which each of the protagonists is introduced: James, the London financier who laundered the money, Eva, an ex-Olympic champion whose life has made her an opportunist, and Orlando, a young Cuban who took part in the bank robbery in which James channeled the money.
Unfortunately for me, many readers didn't understand the general plot, probably because I didn't explain it well. Above all, they don't understand why each protagonist's story isn't "open-ended"; it just serves 1° to introduce the characters and, 2° to shape their character before the main story: the final huis-clos.I have no answer for that. I'll be forced to continue to the end. I'm almost there! James and Eva's episodes are finished, and Orlando's is almost. The real story can begin!

In the meantime, quite a few patrons on Patreon have asked for a sequel to It Could Be Worse. So I had to rack my brains to come up with a sequel to a story that wasn't supposed to have one. That's what I'm doing now.

This task was interrupted by my annoyance at Patreon's injunction to send them my photo so that I could continue to be paid for my "adult" content. Supposedly, they had to be able to identify me as an adult! What's next, you jerks! My photo from the front and in profile so they could put me on file? For years I've had a credit card linked to a bank account that knows me perfectly well. What kind of stupid request is that? A French quote says: "Les cons, ça ose tout; c'est même à cela qu'on les reconnait." (M. Audiard). So there goes Patreon. That's why we're here!

While developing the site we're on, I felt the need to take my mind off things. That's why I started the Inoculation synopsis and a few scenes, followed by Debbie very short story, very, very loosely based on a short story I read on called "Seduction of Debbie", by an author called Day Dreaming. The story is so far far from the original that I don't even know if I should credit the author. If he sues me, I'll think about it.

What kind of games to expect?

The general philosophy on eHellJay is trying to produce stories that meet the criteria described below.

Credible enough

We don't want notorious implausibilities or silly plot twists. This doesn't mean that the stories totally reflect reality, but that they could at least happen as described. Of course, Sci-Fi is not included.

Reasonably long

Not that we're premature ejaculators, but waiting 2 years to see a first sex scene is a bit too much for us. Slow burns at this point piss us off! So, yes, sometimes we see sex pretty quickly. But so what? If you don't like it, look elsewhere. That's the way it's going to be!

About NTR, corruption and cheating.

All discussions are too complicated when it comes to NTR and its subtle nuances. Let's make it simple: for us, NTR means that a partner wishes, encourages or knowingly undergoes the corruption of his or her partner without resistance, to the point of risking losing him or her (netorase). In our games, this will rarely happen.
The only case at present is that of James in "Think Twice", who realises that his wife is letting the employee hit on her, knows that there is a risk, but who, in order to guarantee the success of his business, prefers to risk his marriage. And even then, there is the possibility of avoiding cuckoldry (but not divorce).
We have started a topic in the forum of this site, for those who are interested.

Corruption, on the other hand, is commonplace. We refer you to a very good description in this discussion on F95ZONE by TheHighSpire, which sets out 4 clear criteria/rules on the subject.

As for cheating, it's omnipresent, whether at the heart of the story or in the context in which it takes place.

A comment on sharing...

It's inevitable that VNs end up on sharing sites such as F95Zone or FAP-NATION. Human nature is like that, you have to accept it or give up. Some sites have a business model that allows them to play the game honestly tough, like or Patreon.

So the only way out, if you want to monetize, is to be good enough to encourage some players to support the developers through donations or subscriptions.

That's what we're trying to do by staying true to our approach to games, whether they're successful or not.
It's a well-known fact that you can't please everyone! Fortunately, that's not our main concern...

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ICBW Characters

Natasha Duncan

The main character. She is a pretty, slender and athletic woman. 
She has a good head on her shoulders. For her, the grass is not always greener elsewhere.
Having a child has always been in her life project. Having one with Fabio seems obvious, but she is in a phase of slight final questioning.

Fabio Cuckingham

He's is the perfect example of the type neither beautiful, nor ugly. He's the kind you see most...
He is not stupid at all and has a generally affable character.
On the other hand, he is envious and above all, a careerist who sometimes tends to put himself forward.

Thomas Hamilton

He's the handsome guy at Alset Inc. Sportsman and graduate of university, he is with Fabio the best salesman of the company.
He no longer tries to take advantage of his good looks, except perhaps to get contracts when the client is a woman.
He had a rather tidy and classic life plan despite the fact that he comes from a rather rich and influential family.


Julian, Matthew, Noel, Anna, Martha, Rosalyn, Debbie, Sarah, Cho, ...


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It Could Be Worse

Never bet what you might regret

A short erotic game that goes straight to the point... if you make the right choices! To be too much self-confident is worth nothing, because the wheel can turn. Neither is tempting the devil, because this bastard often plays bad tricks. And above all, never bet what you might regret! But that's what Natasha's future husband did. And now it's up to her to avoid trouble. But will she really want to, facing such a handsome devil?

 CURRENT PROJECT  LATEST RELEASE: 2.4.3a on 11.06.2023  

Every year, Alset Inc.'s top salesperson wins a two-week all-inclusive trip to a luxury resort, and this year Fabio Cuckingham was sure to win the trip to the Keys! And with good reason: one month before the year ended and the company closed for the vacations, he was more than $300,000 ahead in sales, and no one had ever sold that much in four weeks.

He's already savoring his revenge: last year, he finished second behind Thomas, but this year, he's well and truly in the lead!

This Thomas is Thomas Hamilton, an interior designer, like Fabio, and as brilliant as he is. He is also the son of Senator Hamilton, which makes Fabio think that he is helped by his father's connections. Fabio regularly teases him about this...
Thomas is also (or even more so) known for being a handsome man who turns women's heads, and many of his clients are women! This did not prevent him from being dumped a month earlier by his girlfriend.

It is in this context, while Fabio is bragging and already celebrating his victory, that a $362k contract, previously refused, falls from the nowhere for Thomas, allowing him to beat Fabio on the line!

Thomas, irritated and always on edge, decides to teach this braggart a lesson. He throws him a daring bet involving Natasha, Fabio's long-time fiancée. The stake: a trip to the Keys for Natasha. But with whom? Fabio or... Thomas?
As stupid as presumptuous, and not wanting to lose face, Fabio bets!

You'll play as Natasha and you'll join the protagonists of this story during the traditional office party, one week before the vacations...

How does that sound?

First release date: Jan 9, 2022
Latest release date: Jul 29, 2023
Language(s): English
Dev tools: Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS: Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 2.4.1a





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Think Twice

A breathless, sensual and erotic game in six episodes in which three fates cross in the Caribbean

A not-so-nice London financier who wants his piece of the cake, a not-so-naive Danish Olympic medalist swimmer who gives back the blows she gets, and a not-so-honest young Cuban who doesn't want to die as poor as he was born. How will life make them meet, love, tear apart, betray and hate each other?  This is what this confusing visual novel full of twists and turns proposes to you to discover.


In the first episode, you will meet James, a hedge fund manager in the City of London. After 25 years in the business he decides to move to the Bahamas and set up his own offshore service company. His wife Claudia, enthusiastic, accompanies him and works with him. But after a few months, life is not more exciting for her in the islands, despite the sun and the sea. However, there is Andrew, James' obligatory local partner, who is rather handsome and immediately interested in Claudia. At first, it's nice, pleasant and entertaining. But will it stay that way or does James have something to worry about? It seems that he has to keep an eye on everything: his business and Claudia.

In the second episode, you will follow Eva, from Denmark, where she is born, to Nassau, via the University of Maryland in Baltimore.
She's a damn good swimmer. So fast that she will win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Her reputation will allow her to be welcomed in the Bahamas to open a training center with her coach, now her husband. However, little by little, things go wrong and she discovers that he is cheating on her with the swimmers he trains.
As she is not the kind of person to let herself be cheated, she reacts. But how?

In the third episode, you will follow Orlando, a young cuban, graduated of the San Esposita School of Hospitality and Tourism.
He first comes to Havana, to his uncle's house, to find a job, and quickly finds one in a hotel. But his attraction for mature women will get him into trouble and he will have no other solution than to emigrate to the Bahamas to earn a living.
They say that only fools make the same mistake twice. Well, no! Orlando is not a fool, but after finding a job in the hotel business in Nassau, it is again his penchant for women that gets him into trouble!

First release date: Jan 20, 2022
Language(s): English
Dev tools: Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS: Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 0.3b


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Comic strip