Foul Play

Foul Play

The very first try...

This game was first tested in March 2020. It was discontinued due to a number of errors, particularly in the graphics. The plot is being kept in reserve for a possible reworking.


Every year, at the start of the vacation season, the Board of Directors of a small European bank holds a more informal meeting than most. Here, the three top executives exchange views on the year ahead with Martin Jäger, the bank's CEO and main shareholder. The meeting always takes place in the same hotel that Jäger owns, somewhere on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The directors bring their wives. The occasion may have become a little "routine", but it's always very enjoyable.

This year, however, Valmont Jäger, 28, Martin's only son, makes his entrance. After studying economics at Oxford, Valmont worked for five years in the City to gain the experience his father deemed essential to join his bank...

The son of celebrities (Martin Jäger is well known, but so is his mother, a rebellious noblewoman), Valmont has attracted the attention of the celebrity media with his many conquests since leaving Oxford. It's not so much his talents as a financial economist as his brief liaisons with singers and actresses that have built his image.

This year is also, and above all, the year of the acquisition of a medium-sized Asian bank, whose management will be entrusted to one of the three directors next year. This is a unique opportunity to become the financial group's number 2, and the meeting could well be decisive in Martin Jäger's choice. At least, that's what the three executives think

In this context, Valmont's role is unclear. It seems, however, that his mission is to assess the state of mind of the three wives, and their willingness to accompany their husbands abroad, or to put up with absences lasting several weeks.

No doubt that's why he spends so much time with them!

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