It Could Be Worse

It Could Be Worse

Never bet what you might regret

A short erotic game that goes straight to the point... if you make the right choices! To be too much self-confident is worth nothing, because the wheel can turn. Neither is tempting the devil, because this bastard often plays bad tricks. And above all, never bet what you might regret! But that's what Natasha's future husband did. And now it's up to her to avoid trouble. But will she really want to, facing such a handsome devil?

 CURRENT PROJECT  LATEST RELEASE: 2.4.3a on 11.06.2023  

Every year, Alset Inc.'s top salesperson wins a two-week all-inclusive trip to a luxury resort, and this year Fabio Cuckingham was sure to win the trip to the Keys! And with good reason: one month before the year ended and the company closed for the vacations, he was more than $300,000 ahead in sales, and no one had ever sold that much in four weeks.

He's already savoring his revenge: last year, he finished second behind Thomas, but this year, he's well and truly in the lead!

This Thomas is Thomas Hamilton, an interior designer, like Fabio, and as brilliant as he is. He is also the son of Senator Hamilton, which makes Fabio think that he is helped by his father's connections. Fabio regularly teases him about this...
Thomas is also (or even more so) known for being a handsome man who turns women's heads, and many of his clients are women! This did not prevent him from being dumped a month earlier by his girlfriend.

It is in this context, while Fabio is bragging and already celebrating his victory, that a $362k contract, previously refused, falls from the nowhere for Thomas, allowing him to beat Fabio on the line!

Thomas, irritated and always on edge, decides to teach this braggart a lesson. He throws him a daring bet involving Natasha, Fabio's long-time fiancée. The stake: a trip to the Keys for Natasha. But with whom? Fabio or... Thomas?
As stupid as presumptuous, and not wanting to lose face, Fabio bets!

You'll play as Natasha and you'll join the protagonists of this story during the traditional office party, one week before the vacations...

How does that sound?

First release date: Jan 9, 2022
Latest release date: Jul 29, 2023
Language(s): English
Dev tools: Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS: Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 2.4.1a





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