ICBW Characters

ICBW Characters

Natasha Duncan

The main character. She is a pretty, slender and athletic woman. 
She has a good head on her shoulders. For her, the grass is not always greener elsewhere.
Having a child has always been in her life project. Having one with Fabio seems obvious, but she is in a phase of slight final questioning.

Fabio Cuckingham

He's is the perfect example of the type neither beautiful, nor ugly. He's the kind you see most...
He is not stupid at all and has a generally affable character.
On the other hand, he is envious and above all, a careerist who sometimes tends to put himself forward.

Thomas Hamilton

He's the handsome guy at Alset Inc. Sportsman and graduate of university, he is with Fabio the best salesman of the company.
He no longer tries to take advantage of his good looks, except perhaps to get contracts when the client is a woman.
He had a rather tidy and classic life plan despite the fact that he comes from a rather rich and influential family.


Julian, Matthew, Noel, Anna, Martha, Rosalyn, Debbie, Sarah, Cho, ...


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