ICBW Characters - Fabio

ICBW Characters - Fabio

Fabio is the perfect example of the type neither beautiful, nor ugly. He's the kind you see most...
He is not stupid at all and has a generally affable character.
On the other hand, he is envious and above all, a careerist who sometimes tends to put himself forward.

Childhood - Education

Fabio was born in the same provincial town as Natasha, 32 years ago.
After high school, he started studying economics, imposed by his father, but failed twice.
He then succeeded graduating in what he really wanted: interior designer.

Love life

He has only ever known Natasha, his childhood friend since high school. It was their parents who decided on their relationship, but he was fine with it.
He was bullied by Julian, a stalker who was hitting on Natasha in high school, but she resisted! A pride of Fabio, for once a "winner".
Fabio is not a flirt. He doesn't have much charisma, but he has always been a kind and caring companion for Natasha, with whom he has always been very much in love.
With time the routine has settled a little in the couple, but not to the point of destabilizing him. He is not naturally jealous, the episode of the stalker rejected in high school reassured him of Natasha's loyalty.

Active life

Fabio and Julian left high school the same year. Julian disappeared from circulation.
When he finished school, he worked for a company in his town. When Natasha finished her studies, he was hired by Alset Inc.
He is a very good technical salesman and an excellent negotiator. His boss, Noel Skum, likes him.
Apart from his co-workers and some of Natasha's acquaintances, he does not have a very active social life.
His main hobby, apart from golf which he plays regularly, is gambling. Not to the point of being sickly, but he has a famous penchant for betting and gambling.

Relationship with Natasha

She has always been his only female friend. It's like he's not interested in other women.
And she's been his girlfriend since high school.
He probably loves her very much but his being demonstrative suits Natasha very well.
He has obviously never considered anyone else as a girlfriend and considers her to be a permanent part of his life.


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