ICBW Characters - Natasha

ICBW Characters - Natasha


The main character. She is a pretty, slender and athletic woman. 
She's hard-headed. For her, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
Having a child has always been in her life project. Having one with Fabio seems obvious, but she is in a phase of slight final questioning.

Childhood - Education

Natasha was born in a provincial town 30 years ago.
His father is a doctor and his mother writes children's books. She has a little sister, 4 years younger.
She went through high school, but became an excellent student once she got to college where she studied physical therapy.

Love life

She has been dating Fabio, her childhood friend, two years older, since high school. Both of their parents are friends.
In high school, she almost fell for Julian, Fabio's stalker and all-around stud.
She found Julian attractive, but didn't want to be dumped like a piece of shit once "consummated".
So she resisted! A disappointment for Julian, but the pride of Fabio, for once "winner".
Since then, she has also resisted all attempts of seduction. She is often approached by men but remains faithful to Fabio.
There is only one colleague of Fabio who has made an impression on her since they moved to Cleptown. But she has had very little contact with him. 

Active life

Fabio and Julian left high school the same year. Julian was lost to her.
When she graduated, she was hired at the city hospital where Fabio was already working.
They moved into an apartment and saved up to buy a house.
They have been living together for 7 years.
There was never any question of marriage, as long as having children was not on the agenda.

Relationship with Fabio

Fabio has always been her best friend. And her boyfriend since high school.
She loves him, for his kindness, his will, his perseverance, the attention he has always had for her.
She always thought he would be a very good husband.
Of course, he has his faults, but who doesn't? However, as time goes by, everything gets a little blunted, and people change.
Fabio of course, who is a little less caring, and who has become more venal and pushy. His career as to count more than anything!
Natasha doesn't like this too much, nor the way he has taken his two second places behind a colleague in terms of sales figures.


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