ICBW Characters - Thomas

ICBW Characters - Thomas

Thomas Hamilton

Thomas is the handsome man of Alset Inc. Sportsman and graduate of university, he is with Fabio the best salesman of the company.
He no longer tries to take advantage of his good looks, except perhaps to get contracts when the client is a woman.
He had a rather tidy and classic life plan despite the fact that he comes from a rather rich and influential family.

Childhood - Education

He is the eldest son of a former US Navy pilot, now Florida Democratic Senator, Douglas Hamilton. He has a sister and a brother.
He first lived in Key West, while the father was still pilot, then in Miami, until the end of his studies. He graduated in architecture after a somewhat tumultuous school career.
He has always been an avid sailor, like his father and sister. They often sailed the Keys together from the house the family still owns near Key West.

Love life

He collected conquests during his teenage years, but calmed down when he met Jessica Hataway in college.
He fell in love with her and had eyes only for her. He followed her to the West Coast where they settled down and lived together for 4 years.
But Jessica's jealousy quickly proved to be very difficult to live with. Thomas tried to reassure her, but she ended up breaking up with him.

Active life

As soon as he finished his studies, knowing that Thomas was going to move to the West Coast, his father used his connections to help him find a job quickly.
Even though he didn't ask for help, Thomas met Noel Skum, the boss of Alset Inc., who had a temporary position as architect. At the end of his contract, Noel Skum offered him another contract as a technical salesman, which Thomas accepted.
Away from his hometown, apart from his co-workers, Thomas' acquaintances were mostly those of Jessica. With the breakup, the numbers got a little smaller.
Despite the practice of several sports, his main hobby remained sailing.

Relations with Natasha

At the beginning and while he was in couple with Jessica, Thomas never tried anything with Natasha. He found her very pretty, but respected her relationship with Fabio. He was not the kind of man to chase after every woman.
Two reasons made him change: his new single status, and above all, Fabio's jerk behavior.
While he hadn't been looking to meet Natasha in the city until then, after his breakup and the bet, he got caught up in the game and probably felt a little more attracted. Especially since Natasha remained simple, friendly and accessible.
At the company's end-of-year party, things got a little heated.


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