New release - ICBW 243a

New release - ICBW 243a

It could be worse - 2.4.3a

Here are some information about the latest release o ICBW. Do not hesitate to comment.
This new release also means that the previous version is now free  for those registered on the site.

Summary of previous episodes


After Fabio's foolish bet, Natasha is approached by Thomas. The critical moment comes at Altec Inc.'s end-of-year party, just before the annual vacation.
The day after the party, Nat and Thomas meet again, and Thomas offers to take advantage of the vacation he has to offer at a hotel in the Keys. Nat seizes the opportunity, but only if it's with Fabio. Thomas readily accepts. Fabio reluctantly agrees too.

Day 1

As soon as she arrives, Natasha meets Matt, the hotel's handsome and adventurous sports and leisure director. Over dinner, Noel Skum, Altec's boss, announces that, following a major contract, an assistant manager position will be available... Later, at the bar, the couple are surprised to run into Julian, a high-school buddy who, at the time, was tormenting Fabio and chasing Natasha.
At this point, two paths emerge: Julian and Matt on the one hand, Fabio and Thomas on the other.

Day 2

Depending on the choice, a second selection takes place which determines the route:
Julian, Matt , after a beach-volley match, or Thomas (Fabio, of little interest in this type of story, is left hanging) after a sea trip and a few meetings at the beach.
Anna may be involved at this point in a side story...

Day 3

The three pretenders make their intentions quite clear, and Nat can give them a warm welcome (or not). But whatever route she chooses, Fabio has a parasailing accident that leaves him with two casts and in a wheelchair. It's a vacation that doesn't bode well! But Nat can already decide how she's going to approach the suits.

Day 4

Fabio seems to be taking advantage of his reduced mobility to try and influence Skum in his choice of assistant manager. Nat is somewhat shocked by this very career-oriented behavior. But just when she thought she had to devote herself to Fabio, here she is with time on her hands. And now it's time to face up to her choices, or suffer the consequences...
Julian (241) and Matt(242) routes for this day are complete.

This release

Day 4 - Thomas route (morning & afternoon)

Following a parallel and similar path with Julian and Matt's routes, here you'll discover Thomas's, who scored points in his first sailing lesson with Nat.

As a result of Fabio's behavior, more interested in his boss than in his girlfriend, Nat is about to take a second lesson on the sailboat, alone with Thomas...

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