News - 03.18.24

News - 03.18.24

A Wife At Stake...

Episode 2

A new character, a first challenge for Laura..

I'd like to be able to work more and faster, but unfortunately that's not the case. 250 lines of code out of 800 is about 31%. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes not.

In any case, I'll try to keep you informed of progress more regularly.

At the moment, I've finished a flashback sequence on Laura's arrival at the place where the shows are recorded. I'm also finishing the interview with Laura at the candidates' presentations. I'm having a bit of trouble, but it'll do. On the other hand, I've found her a pretty good rival, but a bit devious and very pushy: Sofia. If she wants to win, Laura's going to have to fight! And this Sofia, who cares very little about moral issues, is likely to lead Laura into dangerous territory. She'll have to choose. And so will you!

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