News - 06.01.24

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What adult game economic model?

I've just had a tough few days explaining my point of view as a developer on the biggest adult piracy site. You might as well say that I was in enemy territory, but I knew it.
Some of my opponents were quite intelligent and level-headed, but others were just as stupid as I'd imagined. Well, no: they were even more stupid than I imagined. Some of them were beyond comprehension.
So let's leave the assholes' comments to one side and concentrate on the more intelligent ones.

News - 10.27.23

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Some information and comments

1. Changing some IDs

To avoid the appearance of an e-mail address in the header of posted comments, I manually modified the IDs that were an e-mail address.
Of course, the email address was not lost, as it appears in a specific field of your profile.
I think I only modified 7 or 8 of them.
If the new login doesn't suit you, you can always change it in your profile.

News - 10.25.23

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A short VN just for fun, with no interaction.

Anita is 28 years old. She's a fiery blonde who turns heads.
She works in the music industry, promoting new talent with her fiancé.
Being beautiful certainly helps, but it's not enough.

News - 10.09.23

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It Could Be Worse - 2.4.3 First shots

Fabio is so clumsy and reckless! The prospect of spending some time alone with his boss, and trying to position himself as sales manager, pushes him to let Nat off the hook. It's the last straw!