By dint of being mistreated, the earth has finally rebelled and has become unlivable for the human race. The average temperature is too high and the population divided by 10 (less than 800 million) is now concentrated near the poles. But time is running out: global warming will eventually make these regions unlivable too. Humanity has no other solution than to flee and abandon the earth.

Over time, AI has taken an increasingly dominant place in the management and administration of communities and resources. The earth having become a hostile environment, this AI has conceived, with the help and agreement of man, androids more and more sophisticated, programmed by the AI and capable of surviving where man dies; they replace him physically for the exploitation of the indispensable resources still available, but in a lethal environment.

The conquest of space has accelerated, by force of circumstance, and several exoplanets have turned out to be possible alternatives to earth. The community of nations has finally agreed to plan the orderly colonization of one of them: Adreamia.

As "Physical" extensions of AI, androids have gradually become a potential threat to humans, who strictly control their population and only plan to take a less efficient form of them to their colonies in, leaving the current more sophisticated models on the inhospitable earth.

The loss of this physical extension being synonymous with the loss of means of action and power, the AI can't accept it. But rather than engaging in an open conflict with an uncertain outcome, as the balance of power is so unfavorable to it, the AI sets up a secret plan. Code name: Inoculation.


We often imagine a blackmailer, rather ugly, even hideous, libidinous, vicious, in short, with very little charm. The blackmail victim has every reason to despise him, and we often feel empathetic.

In this visual novel, it's a different story: the blackmailer is handsome, charming, sexually balanced and remarkably well-endowed! Typically, he's the kind of guy who doesn't need to blackmail a woman.
That's who Stig is, that's who Ashley meets, and he's on a mission to get her pregnant despite her being happily married to Douglas. With this last characteristic, it's easy to see why he might resort to this vile means. Unless he doesn't have to. It's up to Ashley...

But why this mission? Who assigned it to him? How will he go about it? And what will be the outcome?

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    tompson · 4 months ago
    Androids banging married women? Im into it!