Think Twice

Think Twice


A breathless, sensual and erotic game in six episodes in which three fates cross in the Caribbean

A not-so-nice London financier who wants his piece of the cake, a not-so-naive Danish Olympic medalist swimmer who gives back the blows she gets, and a not-so-honest young Cuban who doesn't want to die as poor as he was born. How will life make them meet, love, tear apart, betray and hate each other?  This is what this confusing visual novel full of twists and turns proposes to you to discover.


Episode 1 - James

You will meet James, a hedge fund manager in the City of London. After 25 years in the business he decides to move to the Bahamas and set up his own offshore service company. His wife Claudia, enthusiastic, accompanies him and works with him. But after a few months, life is not more exciting for her in the islands, despite the sun and the sea. However, there is Andrew, James' obligatory local partner, who is rather handsome and immediately interested in Claudia. At first, it's nice, pleasant and entertaining. But will it stay that way or does James have something to worry about? It seems that he has to keep an eye on everything: his business and Claudia.

Episode 2 - Eva

Follow her from Denmark, where she is born, to Nassau, via the University of Maryland in Baltimore.
She's a damn good swimmer. So fast that she will win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Her reputation will allow her to be welcomed in the Bahamas to open a training center with her coach, now her husband. However, little by little, things go wrong and she discovers that he is cheating on her with the swimmers he trains.
As she is not the kind of person to let herself be cheated, she reacts. But how?

Episode 3 - Orlando

He's young cuban, graduated of the San Esposita School of Hospitality and Tourism.
He first comes to Havana, to his uncle's house, to find a job, and quickly finds one in a hotel. But his attraction for mature women will get him into trouble and he will have no other solution than to emigrate to the Bahamas to earn a living.
They say that only fools make the same mistake twice. Well, no! Orlando is not a fool, but after finding a job in the hotel business in Nassau, it is again his penchant for women that gets him into trouble!

Episode 4

We already know that John and Eva will be joining forces after their respective romantic disappointments. But just when everything seems to be going swimmingly, Orlando bursts into their lives, through a combination of circumstances that makes the story so interesting...
Two men, a woman and a sports bag full of money on a yacht in the middle of the Caribbean... Personalities are revealed!


Subscribers only!

First release date Jan 20, 2022
Language(s) English
Dev tools Renpy - DAZ Studio - Adobe Photoshop - Audacity
OS Windows - Linux - Mac OS X - Android
Current version 0.3b



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    iadips2062 · 8 months ago
    Hey man, it's a request. Can you make the think twice game version 0.3b version for free available to all the user..
    It's been a while we were waiting,so if it is possible dude then plz make it available for free on the website for those who registered????❤️
    • This commment is unpublished.
      eHellJay · 8 months ago
      Asked so kindly...
      • This commment is unpublished.
        iadips2062 · 8 months ago
        Thanks man really appreciate it❤️hope you get support always❤️from everyone 
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Jay · 8 months ago
          I don't have a lot, unfortunately! But I'll will do without...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    johnrickUY · 1 years ago
    Can u do more stories about Hannah 
    • This commment is unpublished.
      eHellJay · 1 years ago
      When I released the Eva episode, I planned to make a side story where Hannah and Noah meet in a music Festival in Hungary. But you'll have to wait until I work on Think Twice again.